Based on a world-class 3D digitizing technology Solutionix has accumulated over the last decade, Rexcan4 brings the most value to customers through innovative developments.

Solutionix Rexcan 4 white-light scanning technology will lead to a new era of 3D digitization with its increased precision, flexibility and convenience.






Rexcan 4 uses phase-shifting optical triangulation technology and employs high
resolution twin CCD cameras to achieve high accuracy data, realizing less than 10 um
surface noise and feature error.

No matter what the project scope is, Rexcan 4 guarantees the best possible result
whenever there is a need for accurate measurements and reliability.

Flexible Scanning Area and Angle

Rexcan 4 has made scanning of deeper and narrower area on complex objects possible
by adding a special 10 º triangulation angle with increased depth/diameter ratio. Blind
spots that had been difficult to scan only with the standard angle can be covered by
10 º triangulation mode.

Rexcan 4 provides maximum of 24 scanning volumes, suitable for various object sizes, and is capable of capturing up to 1.6 m (diagonal length) in a single shot.

With one set of lenses provided with Rexcan 4, users instantly obtain four scanning
volumes by using different camera slots.

Fast and Easy Scanning Process

Its fully customized scanning software, ezScan, is capable of handling hundreds of millions of data points, speeding up the processing time for completion of any model.

It has multi-exposure function allowing users to work easily with any objects that have different brightness level. From shiny to dark objects, it gets the measurement job done more conveniently.


Category Description
Scanning Principle Phase-shifting optical triangulation, twin-camera
Camera Resolution 2.0 / 5.0 / 8.0 Mega pixels (choose one)
Lens Focal Length 8mm~50mm
Scanning Area 55~1545mm (diagonal)
Point Spacing 0.03~0.71mm
Scanning Distance 430~1330mm
Triangulation Angle 10°, 25°
Light Source LED (30,000 hours)
Dimension 560 x 240 x 170 mm
Weight 5 kg
Power AC + 100~240V, 600W
O/S Windows 7 (32/64bit), Windows 8 (32/64bit)

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