Geomagic Studio

Geomagic Studio is the complete toolbox for transforming 3D scanned data into highly accurate surface, polygon and native CAD models.

A vital component in a range of manufacturing workflows, Geomagic Studio provides the industry's most powerful point cloud editing, mesh editing, and advanced surfacing functions in an intelligent, easy-to-use application. Geomagic Studio also incorporates incredible automated tools, all of which enable users to produce the highest quality models in significantly less time and reduce costly man-hours. For reverse engineering, product designs, rapid prototyping, analysis and CAD export, Geomagic Studio is the core 3D creation tool.


  • Automated point cloud data clean up, mesh analysis and repair, remeshing tools, patch functionality and more.
  • Optimized for fast data processing and the ability to effectively handle large, dense point clouds.
  • Parametric Surfaces function provides advanced control over CAD model creation from polygon mesh.
  • Python scripting environment allows you to customize point cloud processing workflows.
  • Export high-quality 3D data in all major neutral polygonal and NURBS formats.

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