Leios Reverse Engineering Software



Leios 2 provides the easiest, fastest, most powerful and affordable route from your 3D scanner to your CAD, making elaboration of 3D scans, editing of triangle meshes and fitting as easy as ever.

With Leios it is possible to acquire datasets from any kind of 3D scanner, to transform the point cloud into a NURBS mathematical model easy and quickly with complete control of each step and to analyze the results with powerful inspection tools.


Point Cloud

Point cloud and mesh editing are the core phases for successful reverse operations.

  • Import or direct acquisition from scanner, registration, alignment and merging
  • Standard transformation and editing functions
  • Filters to remove noise and redundancy, cleaning and optimization
  • Smoothing of the whole cloud or of a selection
  • Triangulation

    The point cloud is transformed in a triangular mesh, more functions are available to enhance the quality of the surface.

  • Mesh cleaning and optimization, normals orientation, smoothing of the whole mesh or of a selection
  • Decimation and flat or curvature-based hole filling
  • Mesh export on the standard formats for further applications

    Edge Recognition

    This procedure is needed to dissect the mesh in several regions divided by edges or fillet areas.

  • Edge analysis: sharp edges dividing the mesh regions are automatically detected
  • Functions for edge editing and elaboration, fillet radiuses are automatically detected
  • Patch Reconstruction

    Automatic or semi-automatic model reconstruction with patch surfaces.

    Automatic reconstruction (autosurfacing):

    Semi-automatic reconstruction:

  • Manual or semi-automatic reconstruction of the path network
  • Patch construction with G1 continuity
  • For more information on Leios software, please contact  Mr Lee or Mr Patrick Sng.