PowerINSPECT allows the measurement of any part, from assemblies to individual components, with or without CAD. PowerINSPECT gives fast, easy measurement and quick reporting that is easy to understand.


Surface Inspection

Surface inspection provides instant, real-time feedback about conformance to the CAD model. Colour coded points highlights the deviation from nominal, giving an instant preview of the inspection report.





Guided Measurement

Guided Measurement allows you to define critical measurement points and 'guides' the user to probe them. The required location is highlighted then graphical feedback helps the user to home into the required location. This simplifies the measurement playback with the user following a series of pre-defined targets, and allows more consistent and repeatable measurements.



Geometric Feature Detection

PowerINSPECT's'MultiMeasure'functionality allows fast and easy measurement of multiple geometric features, with or without CAD. The Feature Detection extends this functionality when a CAD model is available. The user simply has to measure the relevant points and the software will detect the type of feature and get the nominal values directly from the CAD model.




PowerINSPECT can be used with many types of measuring devices including all major makes of co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM).

PowerINSPECT can be used with portable measuring equipment such as arms and optical systems, including those with laser scanning capabilities.

Also use PowerINSPECT to measure directly on a machine tool fitted with a probing system.



The simple Graphical User Interface allows fast, easy, interactive offline programming, maximising the availability of inspection equipment.

Interactive picking of features from the CAD model allows easy programming of inspection features.

Realistic graphics improves visualisation and simplifies reporting.


Market-leading CAD compatibility allows comparison of components and tooling against all mainstream CAD file types including standard industry formats such as IGES, STEP and STL files.

The CAD file manager allows the creation of assemblies from different formats, and user definable levels help with unfinished components and visualisation.



Graphical reports can be created with a single click. More comprehensive reports combining text and images are built from provided templates and are compiled automatically during measurement.







  • Portable inspection
  • Manual CMMs
  • CNC / DCC CMMs
  • Laser scanning
  • PowerINSPECT Design
  • On Machine Verification
  • Part Alignment
  • NC Checker
  • NC PartLocator
  • For more details please log on to http://www.powerinspect.com