PowerMILL Robot

Fully integrated inside PowerMILL, the PowerMILL Robot Interface eliminates the complex and laborious nature traditionally associated with programming robots. With unlimited access to PowerMILL's renowned toolpath strategies, you can easily program and simulate robot paths and post native robot language to a range of robots.


Fast, accurate offline programming for robots

Programming robots has traditionally been a complex and laborious process. Robots can be programmed using teach-and-learn methods or via third party translation softwares, but these require a lot of fine tuning to achieve the perfect path. PowerMILL Robot lets you program robots with up to 12 axes as easily as you could program a 5-axis NC machine. Accurate 3D simulation shows exactly how your robot will behave, bringing complete peace-of-mind.

Supported Robots




PowerMILL's high-speed finishing, multi-axis machining, exceptionally fast calculations and powerful toolpath editing help you to machine high quality parts faster. Completely integrated inside PowerMILL, PowerMILL Robot enables you to quickly and accurately control multi-axis robots.


It lets you program robots with external axes such as rotary tables and linear tracks as easily as you could program a 5-axis NC machine. Accurate 3D simulation shows exactly how your robot will behave for complete peace-of-mind.


It contains a number of analysis tools to help you optimise you robot programming operations. Analyse exactly how your robot will behave and move, and learn about any issues that may result in axis limits being reached or singularities occurring.


It provides total flexibility to meet a wide range of requirements. Different applications can be achieved with PowerMILL Robot, such as wood and stone sculpting, machining foam and resin, laser cutting, trimming and much more.

Native Robot Language

It eliminates any need for programming code to go through a third party translation. Simulations can be output directly into a robot's native language for a range of robots, including Kuka, ABB, Stäubli, Fanuc, Motoman and more. 


  • Sculpting Stone and Wood
  • Machining foam and resin
  • Trimming and deburring
  • Laser and plasma cutting
  • Laser cladding
  • Linishing & Grinding

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